How to book Naati CCL test from overseas?

Contact us at: or send us a message at 0451605387

If you live overseas (UAE, Columbia ,India, Argentina , Europe, China, Hongkong or any other parts of the world ), it is possible to give the Naati CCl from overseas these days.

Even though the naati ccl test which gives you 5 points for Australian Permanent residency, was only conducted in venues inside Australia in the past. Now due to COVID-19 all Naati ccl tests are online and anyone living overseas can book and attend this test .

To book the naati test you can visit the naati website.

What do you need to book the naati ccl test?

You need a copy of passport, a passport size photographs and AU $ 800 for the test . After you book the test you can buy the practice materials with 11 practice dialogues, scripts and vocabulary with us. It will cost you $ 100 only for now. Investing $ 900 will help you achieve valuable 5 pointa for PR in Australia.

Please feel free to contact us at 0451605387 or send email at

If you are worried about NAATI CCL test? Contact us if you live in an area where there is no easy access to NAATI CCL preparation classes or if you are constrained by time to attend the courses in NAATI CCL preparation centre , because of work or other commitment. We can help you prepare at home with the best preparation materials for NAATI CCL test. We provide test preparation and support for languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Spanish, Punjabi, Khmer,Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Bangla Nepali, Bahasa ( Indonesia) , Korean, Telugu and more. Since Telugu language has been added to Naati ccl exam list you can use our vocabulary list for Telugu language. We will update the ccl practice materials for Telugu soon. Please contact us if you want support for your NAATI CCL test. Please don’t risk $ 800 and 6 months or more of waiting time for the test date!

Payments will be done via paypal which is safe!

If you dont live in Australia and want to give the test , this is the opportunity!

Contact us at: or send us a message at 0451605387

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people who have passed the NAATI CCL test in various languages..We are not associated with NAATI, the organization.

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