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If you are wondering “Is NAATI ccl test hard to pass?” or “How to prepare for NAATI CCL test?” or even “Should I give NAATI test for Australian Residency?” then going through this FAQ list will help you resolve your queries.


NAATI CCL Test is a interpreting test which checks a candidate’s ability to interpret or communicate the meaning of a conversation from English language to LOTE (Language Other Than English) as well as its vice versa. You can claim 5 points for your Australian PR.


The test is about 30 minutes consists of two dialogues about 3 minutes in length. Each dialogue includes conversation between a native English Speaker and a native LOTE speaker. Candidate’s response will be recorded for marking procedure. Each dialogue is about 300 words, with nearly half in English and half in LOTE. The dialogue has different segments and each segment is of maximum 30 words reduced from 35 words in the past.  Until December 2020, NAATI has announced that all NAATI CCL test will be online so even people living overseas can sit in the test from overseas, from places like Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai UAE, Canada, UK, India , Pakistan and others.


The time mentioned by NAATI is 12 weeks but sometimes students have received results as early as 5 days.

Is NAATI CCL a difficult test to pass?

Most people think that NAATI CCL is a difficult test. This is because of the paraprofessional interpreter test of the past where the format was a bit difficult and after passing it you could work as an interpreter. But NAATI replaced it with the CCL test in 2018. So these days people who want to work as an interpreter have to undergo a Diploma of interpreting (endorsed course) which are language specific or non-language specific courses (Diploma or higher) provided by RMIT and other institutions.

The CCL test now is much easier and the pass rate in the NAATI CCL test is almost 90% compared to 5% in the paraprofessional Interpreter test.

What is the cost of NAATI CCL exam?


How the test is marked?

At least two trained examiners mark CCL tests independently. The CCL test comprises two dialogues and each dialogue is marked by the examiner using a deductive marking system. Examiners consider the types of error present in the candidate’s performance and the impact of those errors in determining the deductions they will make. Each dialogue receives a mark out of 45. To pass a candidate needs to score at least 29 out of 45 for each dialogue and score at least 63 out of 90 overall. When NAATI issues the result for the CCL test it will be based on the mark achieved:

PASS: 63 or higher (out of 90)

How can I get materials for my NAATI CCL test preparation?

We provide practice materials and help for the languages. Bengali, Sinhalese, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Nepali, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish & Tamil with the must know vocabulary list. This special vocabulary list includes words that are important in the interpretation context in Australia. It covers topics like Immigration, social services, health, legal issues and many more. Beside that you can access 11 practice dialogues that are exam like and their scripts. These are exam dialogues of NAATI ccl test from the past. Repeated questions have also been seen in the NAATI CCL test so these dialogues can really help you. The biggest problem for NAATI ccl exam preparation is finding the dialogues to practice. So we help you with the required materials.  Beside the NAATI CCL dialogues you get from us we recommend to practice 4 dialogues from the NAATI CCL website.

When does NAATI ccl test expire? What is the validity of the CCL test?

The NAATI CCL test is valid for 3 years.

Can I Give NAATI test from outside of Australia or from abroad?

Yes since NAATI ccl tests these days are online you can give the NAATI CCL test from anywhere nowadays until December 2020. So book it as soon as possible.

What are the tips and tricks for NAATI CCL test?

  • Don’t panic.
  • Wait for the beep to start speaking.
  • Don’t hesitate and focus on fluency.
  • Don’t go after literal meanings of words, try to convey the meaning. People who pass with higher score In NAATI CCL test don’t necessarily have good vocabulary.
  • Ask for repetition in segments longer than 25 only other wise you will run out of repetition.
  • Don’t take more than 3 repetition/ 1 in each dialogue is the best. More than 3 will increase your chance of failing.
  • Grammar is not important fluency and Accuracy carry more score.
  • Don’t note all the sentence focus on understanding and pick key words like noun, numbers and verbs only.
  • Practice Active Listening. Do not just listen; understand it! …
  • Take Essential Notes. …
  • Sharpen Your Memory. …
  • Speak Consistently. …
  • Identify Your Weak Language but most people ironically struggle with their own language rather than English.

If you are worried about NAATI CCL test? Contact us if you live in an area where there is no easy access to NAATI CCL preparation classes or if you are constrained by time to attend the courses in NAATI CCL preparation centre , because of work or other commitment. We can help you prepare at home with the best preparation materials for NAATI CCL test. We provide test preparation and support for languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Spanish, Punjabi, Khmer,Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Bangla Nepali, Bahasa ( Indonesia) , Korean, Telugu and more. Please contact us if you want support for your NAATI CCL test. Please don’t risk $ 800 and 6 months or more of waiting time for the test date! Since Telugu language has been added to Naati ccl exam list you can use our vocabulary list for Telugu language. We will update the ccl practice materials for Telugu soon.


Ph: 0451605387

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