NAATI CCL Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is NAATI CCL?

The Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test is a testing and assessment service related to migration and other government services. This service is separate to NAATI certification and cannot be considered as a NAATI credential. Passing the NAATI CCL test allows you to claim 5 points towards your migration but doesn’t give you certification to work.

  • How to Get Australian PR and how does NAATI CCL test help?

If you are applying under the skilled migration stream, then you need minimum of 65 points to lodge your application. But that is the minimum, the competition is intense so for IT you need minimum of 75 points and Accounting you need 80 points.

Age(if you are 25-32 years of age you get 30 points)+Australian degree in the skilled list (15 points)+2 years study in Australia- 50 points

PTE/IELTS score of 79plus/8 each- 20 points  or 65/7 each would give you 10 immigration points.

Professional year- 5 points

NAATI CCL test- 5 points

Or if your spouse has a degree in the SOL list then you can claim 5 point/other possibilities include work experience either in Australia or overseas.

  • What do I need to do in the NAATI test?

You must book the test and arrive at the test centre. Then you must translate 2 dialogues which are in two languages, English and others. You must translate what the English speaker says into the language of your choice and vice-versa. The test is for 20 minutes maximum. Usually dialogues are 7 minutes- 8 minutes including the time for translations involved.

  • Where can I give the NAATI test?

You must give the test in a NAATI designated place at major Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and others.

  • Can I do multiple languages and collect more than 5 points from NAATI test?

No one individual can claim only 5 points from NAATI CCL test.

  • How much is the booking fee of NAATI CCL test?

As of now, NAATI CCL test booking costs AUD 800 (excluding the preparation cost)

  • How can I book the test?

You can book this test by visiting this link at the NAATI official website-

  • The application form has frozen. What do I do now?

Try again but be careful about putting the same details as it gets saved and different details may cause problem with your test bookings,

  • I have submitted my application. What happens next?

You will get a notification from NAATI within 72 hours of payment via email.

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