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Why do NAATI Preparation with us?

Borrowing materials from Friends is a good idea but why risk $800 and 6 months if you can have proper materials prepared by experts!

NAATI is a easy 5 point towards your immigration if you have the right practice material and the right guidance. It is close to impossible to prepare for NAATI without audio materials. We provide NAATI practice materials in various Languages which include Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Nepali, Singhalese, Pilipino, French, Khmer and Bahasa Indonesia. You can choose your method of practice from various options we provide. You have option just to purchase the NAATI important vocabulary list. You can also choose NAATI practice dialogues with audio files and script. If you want to practice one on one with a tutor who has either passed NAATI or has interpretation or translation as their major and have command over both your native language and English. Free NAATI practice materials are found in the NAATI Website.

For more practice dialogues and script for various langauges you can email us with your query: or contact us at 0451605387. If you are preparing for naati ccl test from overseas contact us via viber in the same number !

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NAATI preparation: The must know vocabulary list.

Preparing for NAATI can be challenging, especially all the candidates who do the NAATI test speak English as their second language and are new arrivals in Australia. When you haven’t spend considerable amount of time in the country it may be difficult to understand the terminologies and jargons related to a particular industry or field. These lists include the most important NAATI examination vocabulary you must know to pass the NAATI test. Some words, especially proper names in Australian can be said in the same as English, for e.g.: not may countries have the term Centrelink as part of their social security program.Since Telugu language has been added to Naati ccl exam list you can use our vocabulary list for Telugu language. We will update the ccl practice materials for Telugu soon.

50 Australian Legal terms you should know to Pass NAATI CCL Test

  1. Magistrate:
  2. police raid:
  3. force majeure (French for Act of god)
  4. juvenile delinquency
  5. Crime Stoppers:
  6. Compensation application:
  7. Neighbourhood Watch:
  8. Act:
  9. Commonwealth legislation:
  10. Jurisdiction:
  11. Cause of action:

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

60 Most important Medical Terms to Pass the NAATI CCL Test.

  1. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  2. Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care
  3. Australian Medical Association (AMA)
  4. Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH)
  5. Trauma Centre
  6. Brain Disorder:
  7. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health:
  8.  Ageing:
  9. Prevention:
  10. Health products and medicines:

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

60 most important Financial terms of NAATI CCL test.

  1. Chattel mortgage:
  2. Collateral:
  3. fringe benefits:
  4. Contingent liability:
  5. Current liability/Assets:
  6. council rates:
  7. Disbursements:
  8. transactions account:
  9. Encumbered:
  10. Equity finance:

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

35 Social Security and residential terms in Australia for NAATI:

  1. Centrelink (not many languages have literal translation for this word so just say Centrelink):
  2. Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minor (UHM):
  3. minimum adequate standard of living:
  4. Finalised third-party parental responsibility:
  5. Department of Human services:
  6. Family assistance guide:
  7. Detached house:
  8. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR):
  9. Job Services Australia (JSA):
  10. Income support payments.

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

50 NAATI terms related to Education in Australia.

  1. Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT)
  2. higher education:
  3. Duty of Care:
  4. Explicit instructions:
  5. habits of the mind:
  6. Metacognition:
  7. Aboriginal Educational Consultative Group(AECG):
  8. Board endorsed course (BEC):
  9. Connected outcome groups (COGS):
  10. Department of education (DEC):

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

Employment Terminologies for NAATI CCL test.

  1. Casual worker:
  2. Centrelink:
  3. Defacto payment:
  4. minimum adult wage:
  5. Apex body:
  6. Vocational skills:
  7. Trades person:
  8. Australian Business Number (ABN):
  10. Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP):

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

Migration and visa Terminologies for NAATI:

  1. Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO):
  2. Settler Arrival:
  3. Long Term Resident Return:
  4. Long Term Visitor Arrival:
  5. Short Term Resident Return:
  6. Short Term Visitor Arrival:
  7. Permanent Departure:
  8. Refugee:
  9. Protection visa:
  10. Post -study work visa (PSW):

For complete list of 50 words contact us:

If you are worried about NAATI CCL test? Contact us if you live in an area where there is no easy access to NAATI CCL preparation classes or if you are constrained by time to attend the courses in NAATI CCL preparation centre , because of work or other commitment. We can help you prepare at home with the best preparation materials for NAATI CCL test. We provide test preparation and support for languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Spanish, Punjabi, Khmer,Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Bangla Nepali, Bahasa ( Indonesia) , Korean, Telugu and more. Please contact us if you want support for your NAATI CCL test. Please don’t risk $ 800 and 6 months or more of waiting time for the test date!


Ph: 0451605387

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