Korean NAATI CCL preparation

This is a sample dialogue for the NAATI CCL Korean exam. You get 2 dialogues in the exam. The duration of the test is 20 minutes, where you have to interpret two dialogues (usually one in general issues such as immigration, insurance, child care,  legal issues, police case, domestic violence and the second one in health setting such as diseases , surgery, immunization and others. There are usually 300 words in each dialogue. 150 in Korean and 150 in English. You have to simultaneously translate from English to Korean and Korean to English. The longest segment is about 35 words.

You can ask for one repetition and one correction in the NAATI CCL Korean exam dialogue. If you don’t ask for any repetition and correction in the dialogue then you can ask for two in the 2nd one. You get score for accuracy ( you should not change or distort the meaning of the sentence) , fluency ( you should not hesitate and make sounds like amm, ahh a lot and use fillers such as  sorry , I mean while you respond. The weightage for speaking English is higher than speaking in Korean so prepare for English better. You don’t need to use complicated words to pass. Simply convey the meaning. You need to get minimum of 29 in each dialogue out of 45 and in 2 dialogues get 63 in total to pass the NAATI CCL test.

This is a sample dialogue for the NAATI CCL Korean exam. We can provide you 11 dialogues which have come in the NAATI CCL Korean test before, they usually don’t repeat but you get a good idea about the test with these dialogues. You will also get scripts for these dialogues to help you prepare better for the NAATI CCL test. The package also comes with 300 most important vocabulary list for the test which will only be in English. You have to look for the words yourself in Korean. If you prepare these 11 dialogues and 4 more provided in the NAATI website it is a good way to pass. The cost of the package we provide is AUD 150.

Most people struggle to speak the exact term in their language rom English. There are various languages given in the NAATI website. You can do additional practice by listening to the English segment of those dialogues and try to interpret them in Korean as well. You can find the link to the 4 sample dialogues by clicking this page.

Contact us at: cclpracticematerails@gmail.com or send us a message at 0451605387

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people who have passed the NAATI CCL test in various languages..We are not associated with NAATI, the organization.

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